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U.S. Update: Reporting of Chemicals of High Concern to Children

Post Date:2013-04-11  Editor:Marketing Department  Hits:1764 [ Back ]

In the U.S., a number of states have introduced legislation which would require reporting chemicals of high concern to children, with some states expanding chemicals of high concern to apply to pregnant women. The following states have introduced such legislation:


Alaska has introduced legislation which would require the Department of Health and Social Services to publish a list of chemicals of high concern, which can be elevated to a priority chemical in accordance with the bill. Once a chemical is designated as a priority chemical, a manufacturer or distributor of a children's product (for a child under 16 years of age) must notify the Department of the product containing the priority chemical.


Connecticut is seeking the Commissioner of Public Health to create and maintain a list of priority chemicals that are of high concern to children (age 12 and under) after considering a child's or developing fetus's potential for exposure to each chemical. The regulation requires a manufacturer of children's products containing priority chemicals to report to the Commissioner of Public Health.


Florida has initiated two companion bills in the House of Representatives and Senate. These bills will require the Department of Health to publish a list of at least 50, but not more than 100, chemicals of high concern to children (under 18 years of age) and pregnant women. Companion bills are often used when House and Senate lawmakers share similar views on legislation in order to promote simultaneous consideration of the measure.


Minnesota has also initiated House and Senate companion bills. The legislation would amend the Toxic Free Kids Act and provide processes for the Minnesota Department of Health to identify priority chemicals. The bills also require manufacturers or distributors of children's products (children under the age of 12) to report those products containing priority chemicals to the Pollution Control Agency.


A bill would require the Oregon Health Authority to establish a list of chemicals of high concern to children and from that list designate high priority chemicals of concern. A manufacturer of children's products (for use by children under 12) shall report to the Authority if a chemical of high concern is intentionally added or incidentally present in amounts greater than 100 ppm.


Vermont is seeking the Secretary of Natural Resources to publish a list of chemicals of high concern to public health or to the environment of the State of Vermont. The Secretary may then designate chemicals of high concern as priority chemicals. A manufacturer or distributor of children's products, for children under 18 years of age, containing a priority chemical must notify the Secretary of the priority chemical.

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