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Performance testing of SKYTE can test various materials by GB, ASTM, ISO standard, the main test items include: material surface morphology, material composition, material structure, film thickness, surface roughness, porosity, hardness, adhesion, friction and wear, should be color and color force, and salt spray corrosion, electrochemical metal microstructure, grain size, non-metallic inclusion, carburizing layer, decarburized layer, the nitride layer detection, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron carbide phase detection, detection, analysis of nonferrous metal and alloy, grain size, inclusion detection, analysis of various kinds of metal parts failure fracture.

The surface analysis:

Composition and chemical states of elements, semi quantitative analysis of elemental composition, phase analysis of powder samples and solid samples, analysis of trace elements, organic analysis

The surface geometric characteristics:

Surface topography, surface roughness, surface morphology, surface color analysis, porosity

The mechanical properties of materials:

The material surface (film) basic mechanical properties, hardness, thickness of film, the adhesion between film and substrate surface, force analysis

Physical and chemical properties of materials:

Corrosion resistance, electrochemical performance, nonferrous metal and black metal structure determination, determination of inclusions, grain size of metal, grey cast iron, ductile iron determination, failure analysis of metal parts fault components

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