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The textiles, footwear industry, quality and safety become products in the global competition starting line. SKYTE profound understanding of customer needs, we have the textiles, footwear testing required professional test equipment and technical team, committed to providing customers with personalized, professional, scientific solutions, in order to meet the Chinese (GB), America (AATCC/ASTM), the UK (BS), Australia (AS), Germany (DIN), Canada (CAN), the UK (BS), EU (EN), Japan (JIS), the different testing standards. Detection of SKYTE professional service has won the unanimous endorsement of many well-known clothing brands, retailers and buyers on the international.

SKYTE can provide environmental protection textile chemical testing comprehensive, specific projects include:

The azo

The carcinogenic, sensitizing dye test

The formaldehyde test

The extractable heavy metals test

The six chromium test

The pesticides and herbicides residue test

◎ pentachlorophenol (PCP) and four chloro phenol (TeCP) test

The PVC plasticizer phthalic acid esters - two test

The organic tin compounds -TBT&DBT test

The chlorinated organic carrier test

The pH value of the test

The nickel release test.

Scope of testing products widely, covering textiles, footwear, leather goods, handbags, accessories etc.. SKYTE can not only comprehensive detection of harmful substances, but also on how to reduce the harmful substances in textiles, provide consulting service and personalized solutions for customers.

In addition, SKYTE will also provide the factory audit, social audit, international certification services. And a series of consulting, training, seminars and customization and other value-added services, a full range of quality and safety protection textiles, footwear products.

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