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The increasing serious environmental pollution problems have been drawing more and more attentions all over the world. Environmental pollution not only affects people’s life, but also threatens people’s health.  Along with the improvement of people’s life, the demanding for environmental quality is higher and the analysis and monitor for environmental pollution substances has drawn more and more attentions.

Based on experienced experts and advanced testing equipment, SKYTE provides one-stop environmental safety monitor services based on national and local standards & regulations to protect your health and safety in daily life and work environment.

Service Scope:

◎  Water and wastewater testing
◎  Air Quality testing
◎  Workplace toxic substances testing
◎  Noise testing
◎  Solid waste and chemical environmental pollution testing
◎  Crop testing
◎  Farmland environmental quality evaluation
◎  Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring
◎  Environmental management system and acceptance testing
◎  Soil, sludge, sediment composition testing 

Testing Items
Environmental air, indoor air, workplace air, exhaust gas, air pollutant, etc.
'Ambient air quality standard', 'Integrated emission standard of air pollutants', 'Indoor air quality standard', 'Emission standard of air pollutants for industrial kiln and furnace', 'Emission standard of air pollutants for coal-burning oil-burning gas-fired boiler', 'Occupational exposure limit for hazardous agents in the workplace', 'Emission standard of cooking fume', etc.
Temperature, relative humidity, velocity of flow, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, Ozone, formaldehyde, total suspended particulates, respirable particulate matter, total volatile organic compounds, benzene, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid mist, chromic acid mist, hydrogen sulfide, acrylonitrile, heavy metals (cadmium, lead, nickel ...) dust, blackness of smoke plumes, cooking fume, etc.
Surface water, groundwater, wastewater, drinking water, drinking natural mineral water, etc.
'Environmental quality standards for surface water', 'Quality standard for ground water','Standard examination methods for drinking water general principles', 'Integrated wastewater discharge standard',  'Standards for drinking water quality', 'Standard examination methods for drinking natural mineral water', etc.
pH Value, calcium, magnesium(total rigidity), suspended material, Dissolvable solid, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Permanganate index, Biochemical Oxygen demand after 5 days, Volatile phenol, fluoride, sulfide, Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrate, ammonia, arsenic, mercury, iron, manganese, chromium VI, Cadmium, Petroleum, Standard plate-count bacteria, Total coliforms, etc
Soil, sludge, solid waste, Crop, etc.
'Environmental quality standard for soils', 'Wastewater and sludge disposal standard for municipal wastewater treatment plants', 'Safety qualification for agricultural product - Safety requirements for non-environmental
pollution vegetable'
Full metal element analysis including Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Nickel, etc; HCH, DDT, PH, Moisture, Cyanide, organic content, phenol, total phosphorus, total potassium, nitrogen, boron, etc.; fatty acids, toxic substances identification, the corrosion rate, corrosion identification, mineral oil, total bacteria, coliforms, Ascaris eggs, etc.
'Environmental quality standard for noise', 'Emission standard for industrial enterprises noise at boundary', 'Measurement method for noise from construction site', etc
Plant boundary noise, noise of construction market sector, urban environmental noise, etc.


◎  CNAS and CMA certificated lab
◎  Cooperative lab of the State Environmental Protection Administration on assessment of hazard solid waste exemption
◎  Cooperative institute of Shenzhen association for Instrumental Analysis
◎  Suppliers of Shenzhen government
◎  Member of Shenzhen Association of Environmental Protection

Case Study:

◎  Indoor environmental testing for Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center together with CNCC
◎  Soil and underwater environmental background measuring for Japan YKK Gongming factory
◎  Solid waste testing for “assessment of solid waste exemption” scientific project initiated by the State Environmental Protection Administration, Institute of national solid waste
◎  PAHs testing for cooperation project of US National Cancer Institute and the State Environmental Protection Administration
◎  Soil and underwater environmental background measuring for Guangzhou Honda Automobile (Guangzhou Nansha)
◎  Golf court environmental assessment consigned by Shenzhen Environmental Institute and Golf College, Shenzhen University
◎  Dust and gas monitoring on Shenzhen enterprises in support of Guangzhou Asian Games
◎  East river water quality monitoring consigned by Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

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