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Canada’s Domestic Substances List Inventory Update:Mandatory Survey for Toy Companies

Post Date:2013-04-11  Editor:Marketing Department  Hits:1904 [ Back ]

Environment Canada has launched a mandatory survey designed to update the Domestic Substances List (DSL). All companies which manufactured in Canada or imported into Canada during calendar year 2011 toys for children under six years of age containing any of the chemicals above the threshold quantity for that substance are legally obligated to respond by September 4, 2013. For most materials of concern to the toy industry, the reporting threshold is 1000kg.

The DSL was first compiled to identify substances that were in commerce in Canada between 1984 and 1986; the purpose of the inventory update is to gather data to determine the commercial status of substances, to help set priorities, and to provide an updated knowledge base in support of subsequent risk assessment and risk management, where appropriate.


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